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Athlete - Inscriptions
What are the steps to be followed by an athlete to subscribe to a competition via Keepsporting?

The procedure is very simple:
athletes provide their personal data, upload the medical certificate, if requested, and pay.
Athletes can also easily register using Facebook.
The payment methods available are: bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, direct payment at authorized points of sale, payment at the competition venue. Athletes, just like organisers, can access Keepsporting's customer service and dedicated help desk via e-mail.

Organizers - Event Management
How much does the Keepsporting Events service cost?

You can consult our fees in the "Online subscriptions" section.

Click here

How does the organiser receive the subscription money from Keepsporting?

The payments for competition subscriptions are collected by Keesporting in a dedicated bank account. If the organizer so wishes, payments by bank transfer can be credited directly to his bank account.
At the end of the subscription period, Keepsporting transfers the full amount collected to the organiser, withholding the service fees. The closure of the accounting and the sending of money to the organization takes place within 3 days from the date of the event. In any moment, the organiser can request advance transfers for the money collected, which will be credited within 48 hours, without having to wait for the end of the subscription period.

What are the steps to be followed by a sports organiser in order to manage subscriptions via Keepsporting?

To create an event:

  • The organiser signs up for Keepsporting by entering their information
  • Once the organiser has signed up, it can create the event by entering name, description, references, sponsors, photos, dates and times, event type and prices
  • For each event, the organiser can create the subscription form for collecting athlete information in a customised way
  • The event is published, and the subscription and payment collection starts
  • In any moment, the organiser can check the subscription status and send reminders to the athletes who have not yet paid or uploaded the medical certificate

To generate the starting list and assign bib numbers:

  • When subscriptions are closed, the organiser can automatically assign bib numbers to subscribed athletes and then export the starting list in Excel/CSV format to be given to timekeepers

To publish the rankings:

  • At the end of the contest, the timekeepers give the file with the athlete list and finish times to the organiser
  • The organiser imports the file into the Keepsporting platform
  • The organiser generates the customised rankings on Keepsporting (absolute, male/female, etc.)
  • The rankings will be available on the website www.keepsporting.com

The organiser can manage all phases of the process autonomously. In addition, Keepsporting has a help desk available via phone, e-mail, Skype, and WhatsApp


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